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CFA antenna

Re: Ganged transformers

From: Charlie McGinnis charlie@one.net
Date: 9/4/99
Time: 10:10:26 PM
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Hi Jim

Stacking transformers I don't know if that will work. But if you are trying to get a transformer that will go from 20K to 8 ohm, try looking on URL


There are several 10K center tap transformers there the center tap to either end tap will provide 10K of impeadance but if you use the two end taps that will provide 20K of input impeadance.

A few of the part numbers that you should look at are Part Number P-T24S56, Part Number P-T125H, Part Number P-T125E, Part Number P-T125A. These are but a few if the ones at that page look around you may be surprised at what you can find there.


From: ken  ko6rk
Date: 3/19/99
Time: 6:39:29 PM
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I just posted at > http://www.antennex.com/crossedfield/CFA.htm >a question that may interject crystal sets into the cfa controversy. > >I just posted; > >Can some one design a cfa experiment that would turn the cfa effect on >and off.????? >Maybe at the level of an AM broadcast crystal set to simplify things >down to basics. >And possibly get the crystal society >http://www.midnightscience.com/ >involved in cfa experiments. >KEN - - - KO6RK