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Miller 6300 Coils, The Super  Xtal Set, Loudspeakers, etc. Revisited

Trying to locate a book

From: Michael M
Date: 12/13/02
Time: 10:27:34 PM
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I am trying to locate a copy of "The Boy's Third Book of Radio and Electronics". I hope somebody out there can point me in the right direction.

From: Bill Jacobs
Date: 3/30/99
Time: 6:53:13 PM
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It seems the majority of people tuning in to this 'rap n' tap' are trying to find the parts to build "The Super Xtal Set" that this site (Owen?) turned us on to. Since Owen first posted I've bugged him, scoured at least 30 sites with on-line catalogs, and received four full printed catalogs via snail mail. I've managed to locate just about everything except those "Miller 6300 Ferrite Antenna Coils". Perhaps I missed someone mentioning they found a source for these? If not, does anyone have ideas for equivalents (there must be a set of specs for these things?)?

P. S. - I noticed that the 1999 Antique Electronic Supply Catalog has an item called "Universal Replacement Coils" on page 41. Ad says: "Will replace broadcast band coils in any tube type radio. Adjustable inductance for perfect tracking".

Does anyone know if this is equivalent to Miller 6300 Coils?

Thanks, Bill Jacobs