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Updated 08/03/2015

The Xtal Set Society Newsletter has been published bi-monthly since July of 1991. Volumes 1991-2009 are available for sale via the bookstore web page on this site. Individual issues since then may also be purchased. Some Crystal radio beginner and general articles, Amateur Radio QRP and Radio Astronomy articles, and Ultrasound articles listed below may be viewed on this site plus others are downloadable, usually in pdf format. An index of over 300 articles that have appears in the Crystal Radio Newsletter round out this reference page.

Audio Tone Wavefiles Downloads: If you don't have a signal generator but need some tones for testing, i.e. our new CW REGEN CW filter, then download one of these files. Have no scope? Then click on the Tuning file. Click on a file to download. Then, store in a file folder on your computer. Then go to that folder and click on the file and it will put out the tone or text file on your computer's headphone jack or screen. Windows allows you to change the tone volume per a pop-up screen directive.

  • 600 Hz Sinewave
  • 700 HZ Sinewave
  • 800 Hz Sinewave
  • Tuning the CW Scruber by Ear

  • Coil and other Calculators: Go to the Formulas/Calculator Page to use the coil calculator.

    Beginner Crystal Set Web Articles:

  • How to Read Schematics
  • The AM Broadcast Band
  • A Big Ole Hunk of Galena Crystal
  • Crystal Set FAQs
  • How Crystal Sets Work

  • General Crystal Set Web Articles:

  • Variable Cap Lineup & Mounting
  • Equivalent Series and Parallel Circuits
  • XS-800 Antenna Measurement Bridge
  • Q of a Coil With Some Unused Turns
  • Amateur Radio (Ham) QRP and Radio Astronomy Articles, both web and downloads:

  • QRP Step Attenuator & Dummy Load (05-17-11) pdf file.

  • Ultrasound General Web Articles:

  • The Ultrasound Spectrum A brief description of frequencies and pressure levels used by insects, animals, fish and for instrumentation. 12/04/08. To download this 3 page Article U1 as a pdf file: Click here.
  • 40 kHz Piezo Transducers An Introduction to PZT parameters. 12/04/08. To download this 2 page article as a pdf file: Click here.
  • The Ultra-QP: A QSO Party Rig (12-13-09) A description of the Ultra-QP Frequency-Division Receiver and Push-Pull Ultrasound Transceiver. This unit is designed to facilitate CW group practice using ultrasound techniques. The unit can also be used in a school lab for exploring many aspects of pressure waves.

  • General Down-loadable Articles or Information:

    (Hint. Downloads go much faster if you right click your mouse and save the file to your desktop or other file folder, rather than simply double-clicking to read the file directly).

  • Spider Coil Calculations (11-26-13) pdf file.
  • 20-Meter-Beverage-Antenna-2015.pdf (08-02-15) pdf file.
  • Ultrasound Pressure from a Weak Spark (05-25-10) pdf file.
  • Tikker Revisited (12-04-09) pdf file.
  • Resistance of Hardboard (11-15-09) pdf file.
  • X-Stopper Revisited Simulation (10-16-09) pdf file.
  • Mag-Coupling Selectivity-Sensitivity pdf file.
  • A Great Teacher: The Crystal Set pdf file, courtesy QEX (ARRL).
  • Derivation of Step Attenuator R Formulas pdf file.
  • The Trap Coil Q Measurement Method Revisited (for high Q coils in particular) pdf file.
  • About Q pdf file, Discusssion on Q Formulas/Measurement.
  • The AM RF Signal pdf file, Discusssion on makeup of an AM RF Signal.
  • Anatomy of Crystal Set Modeling: Equivalent Circuit Substitutions pdf file, with spice app.
  • XS-OB1 Kit Manual (updated 05-01-08) pdf file.
  • Different OAT BOX COILS pdf file.
  • XS-801 Kit Drawings pdf file.
  • Mechanical Dimensions for Mounting Variable Capacitors pdf file.

  • Crystal Set Society Newsletter Article Index:

    (over 300 articles)

    The Xtal Set Society Newsletter has been published bi-monthly since July of 1991. The following is a listing of articles by Catalog #, Month, Year, and Title. 1991-2005 volumes are for sale by catalog #. Newsletters since 2005 have not yet been bound but may be purchased separately.To order individual newsletters, only since 2005, list those that you want in the "comments section of your order cart; and, enter the number of individual newsletters ordered on the SINGLE NEWSLETTER entry. Click here for the Order Page.

    Click here for the newsletter-index. You can browse through the list; or, you can use the "Find" command in the Edit pop-up window of your browser. For example, if you wish to find all articles that contain the word (or partial word) "detect" in their title, enter detect in the Find window and press "Next" for each entry. Entering "detect" would find words including "detector," detecting, detection, etc.