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nylon parts

This page last updated 03/10/15

Nylon nuts, bolts, washers and clamps are ideal for mounting High Q coils, ferrite rods, toroids, and capacitors; and, nylon spacers (rods) work well as shaft extenders to greatly reduce “hand” capacitance of panel mount controls, such as the XS-365 air variable capacitor.

We recommend drilling and tapping 4-40 holes in each ½-inch spacer – with 0.257 inner-diameter hole - to accommodate ¼-inch spacer(s) for coupling to a capacitor or potentiometer ¼-inch shaft. Use a #43 drill bit for the hole and a #4-40NC tap with T-handle. These bits/taps are available at ACE Hardware or other stores. 10-32 or 1/4-20 bolts work well for mounting coils.

See an example of a nylon shaft extender assembly in the Connector Assortment on the parts page; parts page conn assortment. To order the ferrite toroids and rods click here for the parts page.

The clamps are ideal for holding 3/8- or 1/2-inch ferrite rods, as shown at right. Use 10-32 or 6-32 nylon screws & nuts to secure the clamp. The large washers accommodate mounting of FT-82-61 or FT-87A-J toroids. The 1/4-20 screws/nuts listed fit the large washers.

The following items - in the table below - are available in packages of 6; or, try our partial assortment (near the bottom).

XS-PN nylon items description cost per package of 6
XS-NN1 hex nut 10-32, shaft-thread
Qty: Price:$1.50
XS-NN2 hex nut 1/4-20, shaft-thread
Qty: Price:$1.50
XS-NB1 slot head bolt 10-32 by 2 inches
Qty: Price:$1.50
XS-NB2 hex head bolt 1/4-20 by 2.5 inches
Qty: Price:$1.60
XS-NS1 round spacer 1/4-OD by 1.5 inches, combine with XS-NS2 to form a shaft extender
Qty: Price:$1.60
XS-NS2 round spacer 1/2-OD, 0.257-ID, 1 inch
Qty: Price:$2.25
XS-NW1 washer 1.25-OD, 0.257-ID, 60 mils, works with FT-82-61 or FT-114-61 toroids
Qty: Price:$3.95
XS-NC1 small clamp ID 0.375 in, 10-32  mounting hole,
fits 3/8 ferrite rod
Qty: Price:$2.25
XS-NC2 medium clamp ID 0.500 in, 10-32 mounting hole, fits ½” ferrite rod
Qty: Price:$2.25

assortment: 6@ of above excluding the clamps.

Qty: Price:$9.95
new items: 6@ of these two items:  
XS-NN3 hex nut

6-32, shaft-thread.

Qty: Price:$1.50
XS-NB3 slot-head bolt

6-32 by 1/2 inch

Qty: Price:$1.50