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oat box radio

Hey Kids! We are glad you found our site and you are very welcome here, but please read our safety warning, and go find your mom and dad, or other trusted adult to help you. Adult supervision is required.

Welcome Adults too! We highly recommend that you build this set if you've never built a set before. It's one of the easiest sets to build and it works well if you have a strong, local AM station. To keep costs low, we've included a brief set of plans on this website that you can download, including a listing of assembly steps and drawings for building the set shown in the picture. You could start planning and learning tonight!

When you purchase the kit, plans will not be sent along with the parts. If you plan for this project to be a part of your science fair experience, take a look at our science fair tips page. Additional information about crystal radios can be found in our article pages. To download a copy of the Oat Box Plans, click here

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Safety is your responsibility. Do not string antennas near power lines or anything else dangerous that may cause an electric shock. Don't listen or play with your crystal radio during rain and thunderstorms. Remember what you learned in grade school about Ben Franklin and the kite? Make sure your antenna is grounded. If you want to put up a permanent antenna do some research to make sure it is done safely. If you have any questions at all about electrical safety ask an electrician. (i.e. Patricia the Crystal Queen (also a mom) says "If you feel like dancing half naked in the rain catching raindrops in your mouth, go for it, just don't string any antennas.")