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krystalloPosted - 8 November 2012 22:51  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Hey Phil,

The server has been "glitchy" for some time now (error messages, etc).

Obviously we CAN still post , but are prone to double posts or losing stuff.



Garry NicholsPosted - 9 November 2012 7:44  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I have been working around this by posting and then clicking on the first page of Rap N Tap, which shows the "table of contents". I just start all over again after posting, in other words. I never go "back".



gzimmerPosted - 9 November 2012 20:37  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
When (if) you get the "Server object error" message, don't click a second time. At that point the server has posted your message, so an extra click will result in a double post.

As Gary says, at that point go directly to the start page and you'll see your message all OK.

........ Zim

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