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peeblesoriginalsPosted - 28 April 2013 23:2  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I have to deeply thank Dave and Jim for taking their own, personal time to make the radio Board forum great,
and most secure as it could possibly be!

My hat's off to Dave & Jim! Thank you, both!! You deserve Gold stars, and A+'s!

All the above is DITTO for Rap-'n-Tap, too!

Thease boards are provided for us to enjoy, and all the work and maintenance is done on the owner's own time! We must show appreciation for ALL this!!


in the word "laboratory",
the "labor" should be about 95%,
and the "oratory" should be about
5% of all projects :-)
For correspondence:

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gsparksPosted - 29 April 2013 7:33  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Most commonly a material referred to as woods metal was used, you may have experienced it as a gag spoon that melted in hot water. I have had pretty goood luck with a copper compression fitting soldered to a lug, filled with graphite, vary messy, press crystal in,and stuck in place with liquid solder, very messy and nasty expensive stuff that I used to repair TV remotes. Now I usually clamp the crystal between two pieces of copper lugs with a small nut and screw getting lazy I guess Sparky
gzimmerPosted - 30 April 2013 4:28  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message

> What are the commercial galena crystals mounted in?

It's called Wood's metal.

search on ebay for CERROBEND

........ Zim

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