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Updated 10/31/2015
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  • RCA and TRS stereo plugs this one is new
  • Oliva Cigar Box
  • Philmore Mounted Galena
  • Philmore Unmounted Crystal Detector
  • Philmore Dynamic Earphone
  • Crystal Radio Plate
  • Medium, and Large T-Shirts

  • Some Audio Plugs and Jacks; see pictures.

    The RCA plug is useful for audio as well as low-frequency radio projects.

    A mating PCB jack (for RCA connector) installs at a right angle onto a printed circuit board or vector board; great for your next project.

    The TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) plug is used for stereo or mono audio connections. It has 3 solder connections and plastic sleeve.

    Qty: Price: $1.00

    Qty: Price: $1.25

    3.5mm TRS PLUG
    Qty: Price: $1.50

    Oliva Cigar Box - Ideal for a Crystal Set!

    This all-wood box is 4.25" wide by 3.8" high by 7.75" deep and opens from the top as shown. The top flap is hinged at the back and has a clasp that latches to the front (to the right in the picture). We have a nice supply of these boxes that came from Nicaragua. They are in excellent condition, including engraved and stamped labels.

    Use this box or another to develop your own cigar box crystal radio set and enter it in our "Cigar Box Radio" Contest. The top two winners - chosen by the Crystal Queen - shall be displayed in the March 2015 newsletter. The wood walls are soft so drilling and mounting pots with knobs, etc, should be easy.


    Oliva Cigar Box

    Qty: Price: $5.95

    Mounted Galena - Philmore 7004

    This package and the next three items were found in quantity on a recent trip to Oklahoma. They had been stored in the back of an old and now defunct radio store - circa ~ 1950-1960. The packages are original and we are selling these "as is." These items may be of interest to collectors as well as crytal set builders.

    The Philmore 7004 is a single mounted galena crystal; that is, the galena rock is set in a disc of woods metal. The disc fits in our brass cup holder found on our parts page. It also fits in a cup included in the Philmore 7010 Unmounted Galena Detector; see the next item.

    Mounted Galena Philmore

    Qty: Price: $4.95

    Unmounted Crystal Detector Philmore 7010

    The Philmore 7010 is an unassembled (unmounted) crystal detector kit. While a bit hard to see in the package, it consists of a handle on a rod, a cat whisker, a ball joint and U-shaped holder for the ball and rod, with screw and nut.

    Unmounted Crystal Detector Philmore

    Qty: Price: $5.95

    Philmore P-10 Dynamic Earphone

    The Philmore P-10 is an assembled Dynamic Earphone with 3-foot long cord & mono 3.5 mm plug. Impedance is ~ 2,000 ohms. Inner guts contain an suspended metal disc driven by a metal core surrounded by a coil and ferrite material. This is NOT a capacitive-type crystal earphone.

    Philmore Earphone

    Qty: Price: $4.95

    A limited number of Red-Black-White 10 by 12 Inch store display cards available; includes 12 Earphones/card. See the photo of display card below.

    Philmore Earphone Display

    Qty: Price: $79.95

    Crystal Radio Plate

    We also found these 3/4 by 1-3/4 inch nice radio "Plates" in the bottom of one of the boxes of stuff. The plates are 25 mils thick and can be mounted with small brads (nails) on a panel. The lettering is printed in black on the brass surface.

    Crystal Radio Plate

    Qty: Price: $1.50

    Large midnightscience T-Shirts

    Large midnightscience T-Shirt
    Qty: Price: $20.00

    Xtra-Large midnightscience T-Shirt
    Qty: Price: $20.00

    #2-Xtra-Large midnightscience T-Shirt
    Qty: Price: $22.00