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Note: Some files are stored on the main articles-index page. Most pdf file downloads are located there too.

Articles displayed in color are available on this site, simply click to view. If a pdf download version is available, it's noted in color too. If you click on a pdf downland, a pop-up menu may ask if you wish to open or save the file. We recommend saving the file and then displaying it; that's faster.

Article U1: The Ultrasound Spectrum A brief description of frequencies and pressure levels used by insects, animals, fish and for instrumentation. 12/04/08. To download this 3 page Article U1 as a pdf file: Click here.

Article U2: 40 kHz Piezo Transducers An Introduction to PZT parameters. 12/04/08. To download this 2 page article as a pdf file: Click here.

Article U3: The Ultra-QP: A QSO Party Rig A description of the Ultra-QP Frequency-Division Receiver and Push-Pull Ultrasound Transceiver. This unit is designed to facilitate CW group practice using ultrasound techniques. The unit can also be used in a school lab for exploring many aspects of pressure waves.

Ultra RX1 Case Label. Click here to download a word.doc that has a copy of the "stick-on label art" for the case top panel. The file assumes that you've loaded an Avery Label #8164 in your printer. Otherwise it will not print.

Article U4: (pdf download only) Pressure from a Weak Spark Click here to download this article.

Parabolic Dish Press Release: (pdf download only) Click here to download. Shows RX1 mounted to the dish assembly.

Listen to this windows media file of bugs and beetles chatting in my lawn in October in Kansas, recorded with the Ultra-RX1.

Listen to this windows media file of a weak spark recorded at ten feet with an RX2.