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To order call 405-517-7347 or use the cart on this site.

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Check out our spider-web coil form on the radio parts page.

Check out the "Big Galena Crystal".

See our Nylon Mounting Parts

pic of jfet CRYSTAL SET Kit

Nearly 5,000 US radio stations occupy the AM and Extended AM bands: 530-1600 & 1600-1700. View our The Broadcast Band article for details.

DXing - listening to far off stations - has long been a part of the crystal set experience. Dxers strive to pull out those weak signals generally not audible with a beginner set. Optimizing a set for DXing requires a tuned antenna, high Q coils and HI-Z diodes, and more sensitive and matched headphones. See our technical articles pages for more details.

Are you a radio amateur who likes to make contacts using Morse Code? Then check out our CW filter kits on the kits page.

Still time to get those new antennas up before the first frost!

Crystal Sets? Yup, you’ve found an entire site about building Crystal Sets. The Society has been growing since 1991; still, some people are flabbergasted to find an entire society dedicated to Crystal Set radios or "Xtal Sets". One web surfer e-mailed, "I was so excited to find your site that I fell off my chair! "The Xtal Set Society publishes a newsletter, numerous books, and has parts and kits for purchase. A listing of newsletter articles from 1993 through 2007 can be found on the Technical Articles Page. Click on the earphones at left to browse and enjoy our site. You'll notice we've added parts, kits, and articles on ultrasound too, starting in 2009. --Patricia, The Crystal Queen Mum, Editor, Xtal Society News. Site last updated 01/18/2015.

Join the Cigar Box Crystal Radio Challenge. Design your own cigar box radio and enter it in our contest. We'd like to receive your entry - to include a picture or two and a brief word description by January 15, 2015. The Crystal Queen will decide the top two sets and they'll be displayed in the March 2015 newsletter and in the website. Here's your chance for glory!

As an assist to you, we've obtained some very fine all-wood Oliva Cigar boxes from Nicaragua. See the Specials page. Of course, you can use your own box too.

The January 2015 Newsletter was mailed 12/30/14. To subscribe or download a sample, see the Membership & Newsletter page.

On recent trip to Oklahoma we discovered a bunch of old radio parts stored in the back of a now defunct radio shop of circa ~ 1950. See the lineup of items "sold as is" on our Specials page; just click the link in the left-hand column. Here's a picture of one of the items:

*** Check out ***our new recessed dial parts on the parts page. These accommodate a cap and reduction drive combination. Also, check out our new SPIDER WEB RADIO KIT and our MINI-MK484 Radio Kit on the Kits page. We continue to stock the MK-484 TRF Radio on a Chip in a TO-92 package. See the parts page.

ob1 image Beginners: For Science Fair Tips, click on the link at left. To download a copy of the XS-OB1 OAT BOX Crystal Radio Kit manual CLICK HERE. The file is in PDF format.

If you are a radio amateur and wish to impove your code (CW), click on theCodeCircle page listed on the left. It's a link to a blog by WØXI on improving code that you can subscribe to free of charge.

Are you a radio amateur who likes to make contacts using Morse Code? Then check out our CW filter kits on the kits page.

Click on the ultrasound kits page to see our 12-inch diameter 8-inch focal length clear plastic parabolic dish and the upgraded RX3 Receiver, designed for finding power line RF interference and listening to bats and other bio-sources in the 35-45 kHz ultrasound band!

View our air variable capacitor and reduction drive mounting article by clicking here.

air variable capacitor connections

Check out our new Passive CW Filter Kit on the Kits page. CW anyone? No batteries required.

Check our our new ABS Panel and Chasis kit on the Radio Kit's page.

air variable capacitor connections

Click on the kits page for more detail on our new Infinite Impedance Detector, which improves audio quality over that of a germanium diode detector.

pic of Iinfinite Impedance Detector Kit